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CAIP Canada Launches Membership Category for Retired Professionals for $100 Annual

Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada has announced a new category of membership to serve retirees. Retirees are experienced leaders who have much knowledge and advice they can share with aspiring researchers and insights professionals.

Retired Member Benefits

Maintaining your CAIP certification as a retired member allows you to remain a valuable member of the research community and remain recognized as a key leader in our industry. You will be listed in the Directory of CAIP designated members.

Renewing Your Membership as a Retiree is Easy

To renew your membership as a retiree, log in to “My Account” on the CAIP website and click on the renewal link. If you have past dues (e.g., for 2021) this will also reflect on your account.

“CAIP is a diverse welcoming community of research, analytics and insights professionals in every stage of their career. It is so important to retain connections with like-minded colleagues and continue to contribute to the profession as a retiree. The new retiree member category demonstrates your ongoing commitment to the research and insights community as a leader and mentor in high standing. And, it keeps you informed about the latest advancements in our industry.” – Robert Wong, almost retiree, CAIP Canada Board Chair.

Introducing the retiree category of membership is a strong reflection of the diverse needs within our profession. It also demonstrates CAIP Canada’s recognition of the new economic circumstances of retired professionals who have transitioned into another stage of their life, and who recognize the need to give back to their community.

Inaugural retiree CAIP member, Nancy Johansen, owner of On-Target Research and Communications and former coordinator of the Algonquin College Marketing Research and Analysis (MRA) program, says,”Although I am now semi-retired, l still belong to the market research industry, and am proud of my achievements as a respected professional. The retired CAIP member category allows me to retain my hard-earned certification while focusing more of my time on volunteer efforts.”

Michele Sexsmith, a recent retiree and CAIP Board member, emphasizes the strengths of membership, “Staying connected to a community that has shaped and helped my own career success allows for continuity and continued development for that entire community.  The industry continues to evolve and retirees have a broader view of that full-cycle evolution to guide analytics and analytics professionals at every stage of the journey. That expertise provides strong assessment of challenges and opportunities the industry faces and offers a balanced perspective to others.”

Renew Your CAIP Designation as a Retiree! 

If you or anyone you know in the industry community is retiring or near retirement, we congratulate you on your new status, and invite you to renew your CAIP designation and membership.

About CAIP Canada

The Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada is the professional body for Canada’s Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIPs). Its mission is to power the success of businesses and organizations by ensuring that CAIPs have the competencies needed to unlock the power of data while maintaining the highest ethical standards that protect the public trust. CAIP Canada is supported and endorsed by the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) and the CAIP is globally endorsed by ESOMAR. For more information, visit or contact Arundati Dandapani at #cmrx #cric

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