CAIP Canada Membership Directory

The following professionals are currently members in good standing with CAIP Canada and have agreed to have their name included in the CAIP Canada Membership Directory. The CAIP is currently available to professionals who earned the designation of the Canadian marketing research association prior to August 2018. Professionals who meet this requirement are encouraged to apply. A new qualification process is being developed for individuals seeking to earn the Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation. Please subscribe to updates to ensure you are notified when the new pathways are announced.

Directory of Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIPs)

Arnold Acton*, CAIP, FCRIC
Michael Adams, CAIP, FCRIC
Christopher Adams, CAIP
Marillene Allen, CAIP, FCRIC
Don Ambrose, CAIP, FCRIC
Douglas Anderson, CAIP
Fernando Angulo, CAIP
Sharon Archibald, CAIP
Rob Assels, CAIP
Zeynep Aydin, CAIP
Mary Bacica Burgess, CAIP
Norman Baillie-David, CAIP
Sancia Barboza, CAIP
James Barnes, CAIP, FCRIC
Randa Bell, CAIP
Georgina DeWeerdt Benson*, CAIP, FCRIC
Michel Berne, CAIP
A.B. Blankenship*, CAIP, FCRIC
Anke Bosma, CAIP
Mark Boulter, CAIP
Lorne Bozinoff, CAIP
David Brady, CAIP
Margaret Brigley, CAIP
Sharon Broughton, CAIP
Yvonne Brouwers, CAIP
Ludmila Bullock, CAIP
Janet Cameron, CAIP
Anda Carabineanu, CAIP
Chuck Chakrapani, CAIP
Margaret Chapman, CAIP
Owen Charlebois, CAIP, FCRIC
Amy Charles, CAIP
Connie Cheng, CAIP
Bernice Cheung, CAIP
Marouchka Cidroff, CAIP
Kristina Cigic, CAIP
Anne Clavir, CAIP
Eric Clucas, CAIP, FCRIC
A. Stan Coldridge*, CAIP, FCRIC
Bob Collins, CAIP
Chris Commins, CAIP, FCRIC
Stephanie Constable, CAIP
Yvan Corbeil*, CAIP, FCRIC
Ruth M. Corbin, CAIP, FCRIC
Gail Cowling, CAIP
Laura Craig, CAIP
Tawnya Crerar, CAIP
John Crockett, CAIP
Richard Crosby, CAIP, FCRIC
Maciej Czop, CAIP
Arundati Dandapani, CAIP
Kerry Dangerfield, CAIP
Anne Marie David, CAIP
Barry Davis, CAIP
Cam Davis, CAIP, FCRIC
Ruth Davy, CAIP
Catherine Dawson, CAIP
Robert Day*, CAIP, FCRIC
Dominique Delaroche, CAIP
Geana Demone, CAIP
Brittany Denham, CAIP
Joseph B. Doyle*, CAIP, FCRIC
Olga Dubanevych, CAIP
Webb Dussome, CAIP
Louis Dutaud, CAIP
Walter Elliott*, CAIP, FCRIC
Nancy Farrell, CAIP
Sam Fiorino, CAIP
Carla Flamer, CAIP
Nancy Flello, CAIP
Brad Francis, CAIP
Susan Galley, CAIP
Adrian T. Gamble*, CAIP, FCRIC
Jaime Garcia, CAIP
Newt Gent*, CAIP, FCRIC
Donya Germain, CAIP
Ed Gibson, CAIP, FCRIC
Lynne Gillis, CAIP
Marina Gilson, CAIP
Iain Gledhill, CAIP
Teresa Godglick, CAIP
Pallavi Goel, CAIP
Anne Goldman, CAIP, FCRIC
Katie Grasmeyer, CAIP
Frank Graves, CAIP, FCRIC
Lew Gray*, CAIP, FCRIC
Jack Graydon*, CAIP, FCRIC
Sarah Greenberg, CAIP
Heather Gregg, CAIP
Frank Grigel, CAIP
Lesley Haibach, CAIP
John Hallward, CAIP, FCRIC
Robert E. Harris*, CAIP, FCRIC
Stéphan Harris, CAIP
Jon Hartenberger, CAIP
Clara Hatton*, CAIP, FCRIC
Paul Haynes*, CAIP, FCRIC
Jeff Hecker, CAIP
Joyce Henry, CAIP, FCRIC
Tim Hodapp, CAIP
Rhoda Hoskins, CAIP
Sami Houry, CAIP
Margaret Imai-Compton*, CAIP, FCRIC
Carolin Imai-Compton, CAIP
Celine Jaisaree, CAIP
Nancy Johansen, CAIP
Colleen Jones, CAIP
Barb Justason, CAIP
Dave Kains, CAIP
Majid Khoury, CAIP, FCRIC
Tiffany Kieboom, CAIP
Henry King*, CAIP, FCRIC
Minjung Koo, CAIP
Nancy Kramarich, CAIP
Tim Krywulak, CAIP
Frank Lacy, CAIP, FCRIC
Constantine Lafkas, CAIP
Christina Lai, CAIP
Donna Larsen, CAIP
Anthony Lea, CAIP
Richard Leigh-Bennett, CAIP
David S.R. Leighton, CAIP, FCRIC
Shirley Leong, CAIP
Charles Leroyer*, CAIP, FCRIC
Jordan Levitin, CAIP
Donna Lewis-Churchman, CAIP
Kyle Liao, CAIP
Ian Lightstone, CAIP, FCRIC
Paul Long, CAIP
Graham Loughton, CAIP
Alec Lumsden, CAIP
Mihaela Lupas, CAIP
David MacDonald, CAIP
Peter MacIntosh, CAIP
Scott MacKay, CAIP
Winston Mahatoo, CAIP, FCRIC
Robert Malatest, CAIP
Jo Marney*, CAIP, FCRIC
Sandra Marshall, CAIP
Angela Marzolini, CAIP
Chuck Mayer, CAIP, FCRIC
Alexander Mazanik, CAIP
Matthew McBean, CAIP
Clyde McDonald**, CAIP, FCRIC
Shaun McDonough, CAIP
Mike McEleny, CAIP
Megan McGlashan, CAIP
Ronald McGivern, CAIP
Stephanie McIsaac, CAIP
Tamara McKenna, CAIP
Dave McVetty, CAIP
Mohamed Ikbal Mebrouk, CAIP
Don Mills, CAIP, FCRIC
John N. Milne*, CAIP, FCRIC
Ghia Moje, CAIP
Donald Monk*, CAIP, FCRIC
Kait Moreau, CAIP
Jeremy Mullin, CAIP
Aref Munshi, CAIP
Kira Murdock, CAIP
Evi Mustel, CAIP
Ricky Nadeau, CAIP
Nikita Nanos, CAIP, FCRIC
Michael Nestler, CAIP
Keith Neuman, CAIP, FCRIC
Carolyn O’Keefe, CAIP
Daksh Patel, CAIP
Colleen Paterson, CAIP
Scott Patton, CAIP
Darren Perche, CAIP
Claude Perreault, CAIP
Inga Petri, CAIP
Annie Pettit, CAIP, FCRIC
J. Murray Phillip*, CAIP, FCRIC
Karen Phillips, CAIP
W.H. Poole*, CAIP, FCRIC
Graham Pressey, CAIP
Baljinder Rakhra, CAIP
George Rassias, CAIP
Shetil Rastogi, CAIP
Denver Redman, CAIP
John C. Robertson*, CAIP, FCRIC
Samantha Robinson, CAIP
B. Myron Rusk*, CAIP, FCRIC
Richard Saint-Pierre, CAIP
Jhumur Saha Choudhury, CAIP
Benjamin Sandiford, CAIP
William Schatten, CAIP
Robert G. Scott*, CAIP, FCRIC
Michele Sexsmith, CAIP
Patricia Simmie, CAIP, FCRIC
Jas Singh, CAIP
John Smart*, CAIP, FCRIC
David Smith, CAIP, FCRIC
Cristine (Maria Cristina) Snook, CAIP
Prairie (Liddie) Sorensen-Lawrence, CAIP
Robert Stel, CAIP
Nat Stone, CAIP, FCRIC
Philippe Straforelli, CAIP
Diana Tarasca, CAIP
Amanda Tate, CAIP
Patricia Thomas, CAIP
Ivor Thompson, CAIP, FCRIC
Laurie Thompson, CAIP
Gordon Ralph Thornicroft, CAIP, FCRIC
Carla Gail Tibbo, CAIP
Jennifer Tilk, CAIP
Abhay Tiwari, CAIP
Charlotte Tonge, CAIP
Fred Torrington*, CAIP, FCRIC
Marc Tremblay, CAIP
Francois Tremblay, CAIP
Margaret Tso, CAIP
Julie Vanderwerf, CAIP
Jamell Vanterpool, CAIP
Christina Waddy, CAIP
Andrea Ward, CAIP
Cora Waters, CAIP
Michael Waters, CAIP
Barry Watson, CAIP, FCRIC
Raymond Whalen*, CAIP, FCRIC
Chris Wiggins, CAIP
Craig Wight, CAIP
John D. Willis, CAIP
Christopher Wilson, CAIP
Charlie Wilton, CAIP, FCRIC
Tim Wingrove, CAIP, FCRIC
Julie Winram, CAIP
David Wiszniowski, CAIP
Robert Wong, CAIP, FCRIC
Sujay Xavier, CAIP
Tony Xu, CAIP
Luke Zukowski, CAIP