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CAIP Canada is pleased to recognize its founding Platinum and Gold sponsors. Our sponsors have enabled the CAIP Canada Board to continue the groundwork to establish the CAIP as the premier certification program for professionals in Canada’s research, analytics and insights industry.

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Sponsor CAIP Canada

Demonstrate your commitment to the growing the talent the research, analytics and insights industry needs to remain successful in the future by sponsoring CAIP Canada. Your sponsorship helps grow the talent pool and visibly demonstrates your support for individuals committed to following the highest quality standards, best practices and ethics.  Sponsorship will support the implementation of the new CAIP certification program that is based on the CAIP Competency Framework and will help to ensure access to CAIP is accessible to best and brightest candidates. View details of the two sponsorship options. To become a sponsor, contact John Tabone by e-mail or by phone 647-740-9790.
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