Do you have over 15 years of experience in the industry? Demonstrate your commitment to the highest standards and best practices and apply for the Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation through the Experienced Practitioner Pathway today.  You will join the over 100 senior leaders from across our industry who have earned the CAIP as an Experienced Practitioner and become part of the community of over 300 CAIPs across Canada.  The CAIP Canada board has extended the final deadline to apply until March 31, 2022, so apply today to take advantage of this opportunity.

Robert Wong, Chair of the CAIP Canada Board, FCRIC says, “CAIP Canada is a growing community of leaders across the spectrum of the research, analytics and insights industry. The recognition of CAIP values of Leadership, Integrity, Excellence and Achievement makes it a sought after certification.

To apply for the CAIP certification you will be required to provide your resume demonstrating your experience and two references who are familiar with your work.  You will also be required to commit to following the highest industry standards.  All references will be confirmed, and applications will be reviewed by CAIP Canada’s Board of Examiners.  Be sure to apply for the CAIP by March 31st to take advantage of this time-limited opportunity.

Why should experienced professionals apply for their CAIP designation?

Watch this video below of Daniel Berkal, CAIP, of the Palmerston Group, an active qualitative research leader, followed by quotes from other leaders of the CAIP community.


“The skills practiced as part of the CAIP certification are and will continue to be important in the analytics, research and insights industry. The skills of the future should build on this solid foundation, and experienced professionals can make a major contribution to this building process as a result of their extensive experience and knowledge. At the same time, experienced professionals will benefit from being part of the organized community of expertise embodied in the CAIP designation.”

Scott Bennett, Ph.D., CAIP, Associate Professor, Political Science, Carleton University

“As a client-side insights professional, you go where you are needed. A CAIP designation demonstrates the ability to apply fundamental methodologies to business problems wherever they arise – be it in marketing, communications, human resources, operations, and many other functions.”

Todd Armstrong, CAIP, Data Analyst, Bank of Canada

“ATB Financial is a proud sponsor and has several members of CAIP Canada. We value the code of conduct, high standards in practice, and trust in training provided by CAIP.”

Tawnya Bryden, CAIP, Managing Director, ATB Financial, CAIP Canada Board Member

Graduates of approved post-graduate certificate or degree programs specializing in research, analytics and insights will receive 2 years of credit for their studies and can apply through the Experienced Practitioner pathway with 13 years of work experience.  Approved programs include the Principles of Market Research Program offered by the MRII/University of Georgia and the research analyst programs offered by Algonquin College, Centennial College, Georgian College, and Humber College.  For other programs, please contact CAIP Canada to confirm if they would qualify.

Industry leaders, demonstrate your commitment to the highest standards and serve as a role model for the next generation of insights leaders. Apply for your CAIP through the Experienced Practitioner Pathway today before the March 31, 2022 deadline.

About CAIP Canada

The Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada is the professional body for Canada’s Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIPs). Its mission is to power the success of businesses and organizations by ensuring that CAIPs have the competencies needed to unlock the power of data while maintaining the highest ethical standards that protect the public trust. CAIP Canada is supported and endorsed by the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) and the CAIP is globally endorsed by ESOMAR. For more information, visit or contact Arundati Dandapani at [email protected].#mrx #cmrx #cric