Why Become a CAIP

Be a leader in a data-driven world.

The Certified Analytics Insights Professionals (CAIP) is for Canadian research, analytics and insights professionals seeking a world-class certification.  Earning the CAIP demonstrates you have the unique combination of analytical and business competencies guided by strong ethics that organizations need to succeed in the world of data. 

Earning the CAIP demonstrate to employers, colleagues and peers that that you

  • have the skills, knowledge, and competencies to be a trusted, accomplished professional.
  • have the motivation, ambition, and curiosity to learn and embody the best practices research, analytics and insights.
  • care deeply about what you do on a daily basis in your work-life.
  • have earned a world-class designation, endorsed and supported by the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), Canada’s voice of the research, analytics and insights industry and by ESOMAR, the global voice of the data analytics, research and insights community.
  • are committed to joining your peers at the forefront of the research, analytics, and insights profession in Canada.

Promote your accomplishment

CAIPs are recognized on the CAIP Canada website in the CAIP Directory.  In addition, all CAIPs will soon be able to download a copy of their CAIP Certificate signed by the CAIP Canada chair that they can print and frame and a digital credential that they can add to their online profile. CAIPs are also encouraged to use the CAIP designation (or the French equivalent, PAIM) after their name including on business card, in their LinkedIn profile, in their e-mail signature, on their resume and in reports.

In addition to the benefits of holding the CAIP designation, the CAIP Canada board is working on ways to offer additional value to CAIPs that will include exclusive networking events and joint events withs its partners at the Canadian Research Insights Council and ESOMAR.  CAIP Canada will also be negotiating special offers for its certified members.

The CAIP Competency Framework

Helping organizations succeed in the world of data.

The growth of data has created huge opportunities for organizations to gain a competitive advantage.  While many organizations are investing heavily to become more data-driven, many are facing challenges finding talent who can identify the business opportunities that data holds.  The Certified Analytics Insights Professionals (CAIP) is the qualification for professionals with the skills to analyze and use data to solve business problems.  It also addresses the need for applying a strong ethical framework to the analysis of data.  This unique qualification brings a combination of the analytical and business skills guided by a strong ethics that will help organizations succeed in the world of data.

To help ensure the highest level of professionalism and competency in the practice of research, insights and analytics in Canada, CAIP Canada has developed this competency framework.  Working with leaders across the industry, we defined the combination of knowledge, skill, and practical abilities that a CAIP should be able to demonstrate.  These competencies are made up of both technical and non-technical competencies grounded in a solid foundation of strong professional ethics and behaviours relevant to the research and analytics industry.  The competencies cover a broad set of skills that will serve as a strong base for those who choose to specialize in areas such as analytics or qualitative research later in their career.  The CAIP Competency Framework is kept up to date through an annual review by CAIP Canada’s Board of Examiners.

Pathways to becoming a CAIP

Completing Education and Experience Requirements and Passing the CAIP Exam

The primary pathway to earning the CAIP involves pursuing rigorous professional education, obtaining relevant professional experience and passing the comprehensive CAIP Exam that is offered twice annually.  Read the details of the professional education and experience requirements.  The application fee for the CAIP Exam will include access to the online CAIP Exam Preparation Seminar.  CAIP Exam Preparation Seminar is available now and the first sitting of the CAIP Exam will be in early 2021. Register now to write the CAIP Exam get access to the CAIP Exam Prep Seminar.

Individual who held designation of former Canadian market research association

Individuals who held the designation of the former Canadian market research association prior to August 2018 are entitled to apply to receive the CAIP designation.  This option recognizes the qualifications these professionals previously earned.

Complete the registration form below and allow five to ten business days for CAIP Canada to process your application.

Experienced Practitioner Route (available for a limited time)

For a limited time, market research, analytics and insights professionals with a minimum of 15 years professional experience who have the competencies identified in the CAIP Competency framework will be eligible to apply for the CAIP designation through the experienced practitioner route.  This option is intended to allow leaders from our industry who have the competencies outlined in the CAIP Competency Framework to earn the designation without writing the exam.  CAIP Canada encourages all professionals to consider the exam route but recognizes that this may not be practical for those with significant industry experience already working in senior roles.  This option will only be available for a limited time, after which all candidates will be required to pass the CAIP Exam to earn the CAIP designation. 

Professional Education

The path toward becoming a CAIP starts with pursuing a rigorous professional education program to learn the skills identified in the CAIP Canada Competency Framework.  CAIP Canada recognizes that there are multiple paths to obtaining the professional training required to earn the CAIP.  CAIP Canada recommends the completion of a university degree or college diploma and specialized professional training in research, analytics and insights.

Completion of University degree or College Diploma program

Whether in research or another area, completing a university degree or college diploma helps candidates to develop the critical skills needed to succeed as a CAIP.  It is strongly recommended that all candidates should have completed a university degree or college diploma.

Specialized Training in Research, Analytics and Insights

Pursuing a rigorous industry specific training program is essential to developing the technical skills identified in the CAIP Canada Competency Framework.  We recognize that there are multiple pathways to obtaining the professional education needed to prepare for the CAIP Exam including internal training programs at CRIC member companies.  Candidates are required to review the CAIP Competency Framework and confirm that they have taken professional education needed to develop the required competencies.

CAIP Canada recommends the Principles of Market Research and Principles Express courses offered online by the University of Georgia and the Market Research Institute International

Principles of Market Research

The Principles of Market Research course helps both new and experienced market research practitioners understand the full process of research from beginning to end. This online course is completed through self-paced study and covers the 13 topics of the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™).  This popular course is endorsed by all major market research and insights industry associations including CAIP Canada and the Canadian Research Insights Council, and is kept up-to-date to reflect new methods and concepts in the market research industry. It offers an engaging learning experience through interactive exercises and continuous feedback, so participants can gauge their progress throughout the course. Successful completion earns a Certificate of Program Completion and prepares candidates for the CAIP Exam.  Employees of CRIC Member Companies are entitled to special member rates.

Enroll in Principles of Market Research

Principles Express

CAIP Canada recommends the Principles Express course for practitioners seeking to develop or refresh their knowledge in specific areas.  The Principles Express is a series of highly-acclaimed online certificate courses that cover the Market Research process from beginning to end. The courses are based on the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™) – a compilation of the underlying principles and essential skills that comprise the Market Research process. The courses are endorsed by CAIP Canada, the Canadian Research Insights Council and other leading market research and insights associations. Practitioners considering 6 or more “Principles Express” courses are encouraged to pursue the comprehensive Principles of Market Research course that includes all the Principles Express Courses.

Enroll in Principles Express Courses


CAIP Canada also recommends the following post graduate programs:

Research Analyst Program Georgian College
Marketing – Research and Analytics Program Centennial College
Research Analyst Program Humber College
Marketing Research and Business Intelligence Algonquin College


Experience Requirements

A key requirement for earning the CAIP designation is being able to apply the skills and knowledge learned through professional education on the job.  A minimum of 2 years of professional experience in market research, analytics, insights or a related field is required to apply to write the CAIP Exam.  The CAIP Exam is designed to test the application of the CAIP competencies in a real-world environment and this experience will help candidates develop the competencies required to be successful on the exam.

Professional experience can include work with an agency or on the client side.  The experience should include the opportunity to develop and recommend approaches to using research and analytics to solve business problems.  It should also involve designing both qualitative and quantitative research studies and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.  The experience should also include a direct role in working with and delivering insights to the end user.

CAIP Exam Prep Seminar

The CAIP Exam Prep Seminar offered by Robert Wong will review the key topics covered in the CAIP Competency Framework and provide samples of the types of questions and topics that will be covered on the CAIP Exam. It will also review exam writing strategies to help candidates be successful on the exam. The prep course is aimed at candidates who have already have taken education programs related to the areas identified in the CAIP Competency Framework. The CAIP Exam Prep Seminar will help identify areas that candidates should focus their review but it will not teach new concepts. Candidates needing a more in-depth review of specific areas are encouraged to register for Principles Express Courses offered by the Market Research Institute International and the University of Georgia. Candidates seeking a more in-depth review of all courses should consider taking the Principles of Market Research Program.

View the video Navigating the CAIP Exam Prep Seminiar from Robert Wong to learn more.


The CAIP Exam will test a candidate’s ability to apply the competencies described in the CAIP Canada Competency Framework.  The CAIP Exam is offered twice annually.  The exam will be offered in two parts with a 30 minute break between each part.


Part 1: Short Answer

Part 1 will include short answer questions that cover key areas of the competency framework.  Part 1 is designed to ensure coverage of all key technical competencies following the weighting below.  All Enabling Competencies will all be tested within these questions.  Candidates will be allocated 3.5 hours to complete Part 1.

Technical Competency Areas


Define Business/Organization Problem/Opportunity and Research Approach


Identify and Collect/Gather Data



   Quantitative Primary Data Collection

   Qualitative Primary Data Collection

   Secondary Data Sources

Applies a high duty of care to individuals whose data are collected (data subjects) in terms of ethics, confidentiality, anonymity, security and privacy practices.


Analyze Data


   Data Cleaning/preparation

   Quantitative Data Analysis

   Qualitative Data Analysis

Developing actionable insights


Communicate Findings and Insights


TOTAL Weighting



Part 2: A Comprehensive Case Study

Candidates will be presented with a comprehensive case study that covers both technical and enabling competencies.  Candidates will be allocated 3.5 hours to complete Part 2.