Register for CAIP Exam (and gain access to CAIP Exam Prep Seminar)

The primary pathway to earning the CAIP involves pursuing rigorous professional education, obtaining relevant professional experience and passing the comprehensive CAIP Exam that is offered twice annually on the first Monday in April and October. Read the details of the professional education and experience requirements. The fee to register for the CAIP Exam is $1000 (plus applicable taxes) and includes access to the online CAIP Exam Preparation Seminar. The CAIP Exam Preparation Seminar is available now. The exam will be administered by Prometric at their testing centres located in most major cities across Canada and via live remote proctoring.

Register by February 21, 2024 for the April 1, 2024 exam sitting, to write the CAIP Exam and get access to the CAIP Exam Prep Seminar. See our calendar under menu item Learning+ -> Agenda View, -> Categories Exam, for other upcoming exam dates.