In conjunction with CRIC and Esomar, CAIP is offering two popular half-day workshops. The workshops will take place the day before the Conference on Tuesday June 4th from 8:30 am to 4:45pm.



Unlock the Potential: Leveraging AI for Competitor Analysis

David Liithwick, Principal and Founder Market Alert Limited


AI tools represent the next generation in Competitive Intelligence analytics.  They help companies sift through large amounts of data and distill the information into digestible insights for a greater understanding of the competitive landscape. This workshop will review key AI tools and will also provide specific examples of how ChatGPT can be optimized for competitor analysis.


Who should attend?

This workshop is perfect for market researchers, corporate strategists, and anyone interested in integrating AI into their research toolkit. No prior AI knowledge is required, just a willingness to learn and explore.  This is not a lean-back workshop.  Audience participation will be encouraged and we will be trying the tools we learn. 

AI Beyond the Obvious

Daniel Berkal, SVP Research Palmerson Group



Dive into the world of AI with our hands-on workshop designed for market research professionals eager to explore AI applications in their field. This standalone course, suitable for those looking to get their feet wet in AI, focuses on practical, current applications relevant to market research, with special emphasis on both qualitative and corporate interests.  Regardless of your background, this in-person workshop is designed for researchers, from beginners to those who use AI every day.


Who should attend
  • Research suppliers looking to expand their competitive intelligence toolkit
  • Analysts tasked with sifting through large amounts of competitor data
  • Marketers needing to respond quickly and effectively to competitor threats  
  • Consumer insight managers assigned to enhance their company’s  customer experience
  • Marketing professional seeking to expand their competitive intelligence skill set.



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