Chief Executive Officer

MOSR Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Annie Pettit, PhD, is a research writer, speaker, and methodologist who specializes in research design and analysis, data quality, and innovative methods. She is a keen supporter of research standards and ethics, a firm believer in “People first, research second,” and an outspoken advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is an invited speaker at research conferences around the world and has published numerous refereed and industry articles. Annie is a CRIC Fellow, and has won numerous awards including a Ginny Valentine Award, ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper, ESOMAR Best Methodological Paper, and an AMA David K. Hardin Award. Annie tweets at @LoveStats and is the author of People Aren’t Robots, a questionnaire design book, and 7 Strategies and 10 Tactics to Become a Thought Leader. In her spare time, she hoards ukuleles and hopes to one day know more than ten chords.