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Ethics Overview Course

Welcome to CAIP Canada, your association of Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIP) in Canada.  Our association establishes the requirements to earn and maintain the CAIP designation.

The Ethics Overview Course is a half-hour pre-recorded webinar designed to reinforce a foundational understanding of the ethical guidelines that marketing, public opinion and social research practitioners must follow.  We recommend that you review this webinar at least once per year to ensure you are continuously aware of what is required of you.  A French-language version of this course will be available later this year.

Take your time to go through the material in the video below, pausing whenever you want to absorb and reflect. 

When you’ve completed the course, take the CAIP Ethics Quiz to test what you’ve learned. 

 Now let’s begin!

Watch the full video lesson above or scroll down to follow along  the individual lessons paired with the related quiz.