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    • A Bit About You
      I shared a bit about me now it is your turn to share a bit about yourself using the following outline for me as well as for other CAIP candidates: Your Current Role: Academic background and entrance into industry: Your CAIP motivation:
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    • 3 months, 3 weeks ago

      [email protected]

    • Forum: Building a U & A Study
      This is your turn to practice building a Use and Attitude study series of questions. Choose a topic that would be fun for you. Start off with a few behaviour questions and then build a battery of 5 attitude statements with an appropriate scale. Don't worry too much about the formatting since we are in this forum. The focus of the activity is to demonstrate the progression of use questions to attitudes. Have fun choosing your topic!
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    • 10 months ago

      Robert Wong

    • Forum: Prep Seminar Q & A
      The CAIP Exam Prep Seminar is built for your convenience and flexibility. The lessons are in a planned sequence but you can pick and choose based on your learning needs. However, you may still have questions during the various lessons. This Group Forum is an opportunity to ask questions among yourselves as well as to me. Remember that we will have a live Q & A with the last session to review the Practice Case Study. Get to know each other and support and help each other! By the way, add this to your bookmarks for easy access through out the seminar!
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    • 3 months, 3 weeks ago

      [email protected]

    • Forum: Statistical Techniques
      Share with your peers an example of a statistical technique such as multiple regression, factor analysis maybe a conjoint analysis. please share a bit of the marketing and research issues and then briefly describe the analysis. Provide a general industry for context and describe how the technique worked with outcomes. The focus of the activity is to be able to describe the technique so a non-statistical client could understand. In addition, over time we will build a nice bank of descriptions for everyone to see.
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    • 4 months, 1 week ago

      [email protected]