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    Robert Wong

    Tip 1. Bookmark the CAIP Exam Prep Seminar home page for convenient access to and from different parts of the Seminar.

    Tip 2. Download the Lesson Slides and open in a separate window than the Lesson Video. This way you can access the hyperlinks and not be bounced out of the Lesson Video page.

    Tip 3: The Forum sits outside of the Prep Seminar so use your bookmark to return to the Seminar and the specific Lesson. It would be better to complete the Forum exercises after viewing the full lesson video.

    Tip 4. Prep Seminar Discussion Forum has been set up to answer general questions about CAIP Canada, the CAIP exam format and the Prep Seminar. Here is the link to add to your bookmarks.‎

    Tip 5. Here is the structure of the files numbering system using the example of Qualitative Methods
    Lesson CAIP L2.1 Qualitative Methods
    Topic CAIP L2.2 Qualitative Practice Questions
    Topic CAIP 2.3 Qualitative Questions Feedback

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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