With Over 15 years in Industry, Earn your CAIP as an Experienced Practitioner by December 2021!

If you have fifteen years of experience or more practicing marketing research, it is time to earn your CAIP designation and join the ranks of over three hundred Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada spread from coast to coast and beyond. The Experienced Practitioner Pathway opens new opportunities for busy professionals for a limited time – that is till the end of this year. Take advantage of the opportunities to celebrate your milestones and grow your network with Canada’s premier community of insights professionals. Read the testimonials of members who earned their designation through the Experienced Practitioner pathway:

A key requirement for earning the CAIP designation is being able to apply the skills and knowledge learned through professional education on the job. Experienced Pathway Professionals usually have over fifteen years of experience with an agency or on the client side. The experience typically includes the opportunity to develop and recommend approaches to using research and analytics to solve business problems. It should also involve designing both qualitative and quantitative research studies and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

Applicants offer their resumes, references, and are verified by the Board of Examiners before they are approved to earn the CAIP designation. Todd Armstrong who brings varied experience from HR research and quantitative research, works as a data analyst for the Bank of Canada, and also teaches statistics at Algonquin College’s Marketing Research and Analysis Program, recently earned his CAIP credentials via this route. He had this to say of this designation:

“As a client-side insights professional, you go where you are needed. A CAIP designation demonstrates your ability to apply fundamental methodologies to business problems wherever they arise – be it in marketing, communications, human resources, operations, and many others.” 


Todd Armstrong, CAIP, Bank of Canada

Till the end of 2021, marketing research, analytics and insights professionals with a minimum of 15 years professional experience who have the competencies identified in the CAIP Competency framework will be eligible to apply for the CAIP designation through the experienced practitioner route. This option is intended to allow leaders from our industry who have the competencies outlined in the CAIP Competency Framework to earn the designation without writing the exam.

CAIP Canada recognizes that the exam pathway may not be practical for those with significant industry experience already working in senior roles to obtain the certification. However, the Experienced Practitioner pathway will only be available until the end of 2021, after which all candidates will be required to pass the CAIP Exam to earn the CAIP designation. If you or your colleagues have over fifteen years of work experience in the research, analytics and insights industry, we encourage you to apply to be a CAIP before this pathway offer closes!

Apply for the CAIP as an Experienced Practitioner. 

About CAIP Canada

The Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada is the professional body for Canada’s Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIPs). Its mission is to power the success of businesses and organizations by ensuring that CAIPs have the competencies needed to unlock the power of data while maintaining the highest ethical standards that protect the public trust. CAIP Canada is supported and endorsed by the Canadian Research Insights Councils and the CAIP is globally endorsed by ESOMAR. For more information, visit www.caip-paim.ca or contact Arundati Dandapani at [email protected].#mrx #cmrx #cric